Ready to Say Goodbye to Popcorn Ceilings?

Get professional popcorn ceiling removal in Charleston, SC

If you’re tired of looking up at your ceiling and seeing popcorn, we have the solution. Charleston’s Finest Painting LLC offers popcorn ceiling removal services in and around Charleston, SC. We’ll remove the popcorn from your ceilings, and we’ll prep, prime and paint them to ensure that your ceilings are finished nicely. Call us today to make an appointment.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

3 reasons to remove popcorn ceiling

You might not give your popcorn ceilings much thought, but replacing them has many benefits. We have three good reasons to remove the popcorn and refinish your ceilings:

  1. Update your home’s look—popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past. Refinishing your ceiling will give your home a fresh look.
  2. Keep your family safe—popcorn installed before 1970 might contain asbestos, which is toxic if it becomes airborne.
  3. Boost the value of your home—giving your home an updated smooth ceiling will make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Our crew has the tools and experience to remove the popcorn on your ceilings safely, and we’ll prep and refinish them properly. Call us today to get a free estimate on popcorn ceiling removal in Charleston, SC.